Saturday, June 29, 2013

Farm Logic.


They tried to tell girls in school that "guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses."


Of course, if there was any truth to that they would have had the women meeting an extra day each week just to crochet eyeglasses for the future virgin brides of the masses.

The fact our parents managed to say that with a straight face is a real tribute to subtle brainwashing techniques used on farmers and cattle across the Canadian Prairies. In other words, they had to believe the lie in order to perpetrate it. It kind of brings the whole parenting routine into question on account of if you have brainwashing to the point where you forget the teflon spandex superman leotard strength of teenage boy hormones, then whoa ... can you say toasted brain cells?

Maybe everything else they said is suspect too. Like maybe no-one cares or even checks if you have clean underwear in the police car. Perhaps the whole eat your crusts, curly hair thing is also a farce.


Frankly the boys I went to school with were happy to make a pass at anything that moved, which is why the livestock and the women are locked up at night ...

. . . to protect the innocent ...

. . . that being the farm boys of course.

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