Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Freckle Freckle


A sprinkle of freckles, kisses from the sun ... that's what the grandparental unit folkies would say to me when I was a kid.   I think I really appreciated that they never drank when they said those kind of things.  Senior talk is hard enough to decipher without slurring the words.


I would ask if I was pretty and they would point to the freckles and say that ... and I was never really sure about the intent of the diversionary tactics. Did that mean that I was NOT pretty because of them or that they were the ONLY pretty thing about me or did they make me all pretty? I mean I was not plastered with freckles, I straddled the fence in regards to freckles ... never really committing myself to them but I did have a sprinkle. Why didn't they just answer the damn question? 

The question is how did they get sprinkled and who did the sprinkling? It is hard to see hereditary evidence on grandparents ... wrinkles tend to take over and the freckles get swept to sea or something.

But freckles have always made me wonder especially when the boy I liked finally wrote in my autograph book and he penned:

"Freckle freckle on my nose
I know not why it's me you chose
or who you are or where you're from
So I'll kill you with my thumb."

Is that romantic or what? No serious ... is it?


How pathetic am I with that being my first love poem? No roses are red stuffies ... freckle killing.

He had freckles. We would have made freckled babies.

I have no idea what I am talking about now except the subject of freckles is strangely weird and I think I should be in therapy or on medication.

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