Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jennifer Has Spoken.


Jennifer Aniston just admitted that she goes nude around her house all the time, whenever she can, especially when she is cooking.

And I believe her.


Angelina Jolie shared that she had both her breasts removed so that she could avoid cancer and thousands of women immediately lined up at their doctors office wanting the same thing done.

Women everywhere already copy Jennifer's hair so I can only assume that many will also be throwing off their clothes and wandering around their houses nude ... immediately ... especially when they are cooking . . . like probably for dinner tonight.

Don't even ask why ... it is enough that Jen is doing it. (You are allowed to take liberties with the names of people you imitate. It saw it written in a Woman's Magazine once.)

I know I will be naked when I cook supper tonight.

I know it because I am already naked.

The moment I read that, the sheep in me over took my body and I threw off my clothes. It was only when my husband grabbed the magazine and pointed out to me that it said "around her home" that I put my clothes back on in the mall and then waited until I got home to take them off again.

I am home now and naked.

In a little bit I will be making dinner naked.

Then I will watch TV naked.


So you might wanna think carefully before you just drop in on people around supper time these days ... Jennifer Aniston has spoken and there will be a lot of naked women tonight. Like has there ever been a better plan to make sure the kids don't move back home?

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