Friday, June 14, 2013

Scrapbooking Women's Lib with Dignity.


I thought I Dream of Jeannie was incredibly cool.


As a kid, you miss some of the fine subtleties. I loved her outfits. I wanted to have scarves draped around my head and sprakles on my clothes and pants that showed your belly button. Kids are big on belly buttons. We love them. It takes quite a few years of concentrated shame efforts on part of our parents for us to learn how completely shameful and dangerous they are. Perhaps it is because they can pop out of your pants, or peek out from under your shirt and once you see it, like your finger just has to kinda poke it. And lets not forget how funny it is to make your tummy real big and compare your belly button to your brother's.

I am not sure how parents who don't go to church manage to get the message across about how evil and seductive belly buttons and shoulders are.  How do you convey that just the mere image of them can make people go crazy and tell everyone on the front pews that you are destined to live in a trailer park next to someone probably named Honey Boo Boo? 

How do you teach that if you can't point to Jesus and say that he disapproves? I mean he loves everyone and made everything but just not bellybuttons and shoulders and anything in your bathingsuit areas ... oh . . . and gay people or anyone who does not go to your church ... and Elvis but because he is not here anymore there is no need to keep bringing him up.

I spent hours in front of a mirror looking at my belly button and shoulder and trying to figure out what was so special about them.  I sucked at imagining why grown-ups are stupid.

I liked Jeannie's magic too.


But then you grow up and you learn that God can only hate so much and that women are supposed to hate men and that Jeannie was just a slave puppet to the man and that it was all a conspiracy meant to keep Women's Lib from going forward and that you were a tool that was used to further a sick agenda.

Ya, that pretty much sums up my childhood.

I am not sure how to scrapbook "grandma was a tool" in my book of remembrance for the grandkids.

SKIN:  Belleza- Ellie Gacha 3 RARE  The Arcade
HAIR:  W&Y HAIR  New 13 (NLA)
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LASHES: Tameless Lashes 28
JEWELLERY: Gems and Kisses Sandrine NLA
SHIRT:  Monso [SG*] highway Star - White
UNDERSHIRT:  *BOOM* Infinity Kini-White
PANTS: [[>CaKe!<]]PATIALA PANTS BLUE for Acid Lily
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