Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Bottom Line.


There are some distinct differences between men and women that just should not be crossed over to each other, even if you can.


Do you notice that when we talk about equality between men and women we are always talking about the things that women can not do as well as man. Like we are all just dying to one day be allowed to break free and act more like a man. We don't talk about men trying to become more like a woman. Why not? Because that would be ridiculous. They can't, so why even try.

Just stand there and wait and see if women can do it as well as you. And men feel pretty confident, regardless of what big steps women make, men will probably always still own being able to spit further and burp louder and fart so bad that an entire community ends up under nuclear threat for 3 weeks. Why? Because women wouldn't even want to own that "distinction."

So it comes down to probably about one thing that men have on women that we will concede.



Like just because some men look good with moustaches, believe me, no woman ever does. No. Woman. Ever.

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