Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Pencil Skirt Conspiracy.


Pencil skirts were something my world conspired to keep from me until I went far away from the prairie wheatfields ...


I think Life does that a lot to us. It says, "here is some neat stuff you can play with," and so you do and you think life is pretty cool because everyone gets some cool stuff. Life is pretty much like Santa at Christmas.

You get your stuff and you are all happy playing with it and everything and then Christmas holidays are over and on the bus ride to school everyone starts talking about what they got for Christmas and you sink further and further down into your bus seat and not even the fact that you got some left over pie for lunch can cheer you up. That is when it hits you ... Santa is a bastard. Your stuff sucked. There was wayyy better stuff out there to be had.

Life did that with pencil skirts to me.


You can only love square dancing skirts when they are placed next to dark plaid practical house dresses like your grandmother wears.

I always wondered about all those pages torn out of the Sears Catalogue ... I thought it was just lots of underwear ads on account of the minister always told us we would go to hell if we looked at them. Sturdy underwear can incite sexual frenzy evidently. Now I know it was the pencil skirts and it doesn't even matter they would not have been practical to ride a horse with. There were pencil skirts to be had and I didn't "had" one until I escaped.

Now I have a closet full.

I like this one.

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma [:ME:] Croix Exotic Skintone (Smoky Pack)
HAIR:  *Dura-BoysandGirls*36(Black)
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
JEWELLERY:  Rhiamon's Realm Paravati Necklace & Earrings in Carnelian
BLOUSE:  Ingenue :: Vintage Basics :: Stenno :: Ruby
SKIRT:  Living Imagination - Treasure of the Old Loft - Garden Dream
SHOES:  Armidi Gisaci  - Vidalia Pump - Fui Fui Turquoise
POSES:  Wetcat

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