Friday, June 21, 2013

The Real Achievements of Life.


I think cats are pretty dangerous ... people do not seem to be able to stop at just one. They get one cat and suddenly there are 8 cats, then 23 and then you are on television.


At some point your outfits just look like one giant furball and your whole house and many of your clothes smell like cat piss which you either cannot smell anymore on account of the ammonia has destroyed your sense of smell or you have lost so many brain cells to the same ammonia that you are now willing to lie about the obvious to your friends and family . . . and yourself.

You have to really wonder when your cat is sitting on your kitchen cupboard and then you prepare your dinner on there and then you eat it.

I am not going to say anything ... you just keep reading that last sentence over until you get what I am talking about and if you can't get it ... well that alone should concern you.

I used to like cats until I had one, then two, then 8. I staged an intervention for myself.
I am a recovering cat addict but my clothes no longer smell like cat piss.
These are the achievements of our lives.

SKIN:  Swallow Sarah
HAIR:  .ploom Long Day - Indecisive
EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes Pewter
HAIRBAND:  {le fil casse} la vie en rose headband pink love
SUNGLASSES:  (Yummy) Summer Shades - Mesh
BRACELETS:  Luna's Boutique  ::B::U::B:: Bracelet pink - yellow
NECKLACE:  Ginza Jewelry Kohime GJK Bunny Hop
aDIVA Couture Giselle
NAILS:  - W&Y   Nemezi - Aztec Nails #3
PURSE:  [Crash Republic] Vintage Fair Gift - Zigzag Tote
SUITCASE POSE:  .click. World Traveler 1
SHOES:  Le Poppycock *Flip Flops* kokomo
TOP:  FLOUNCE Cupcakes Pink Cropped Cardigan
SHORTS:   fashionably dead  (fd) Overalls - Light Denim
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