Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Secret of Fashion.


I think the confused look in fashion is one of the best bets to go with.


There are a lot of adjectives to go through in fashion before you are left with nothing but bat-shit crazy. It works even better if you look kind of bored with just a tad of constipation - THAT is the preferred face look. I think that is because men everywhere have answered questionaires in magazines stating that once a woman looks bored AND constipated . . . they are hooked, gonzo, ready to shop china patterns, willing to kiss Grandma Ruth.

But the more unrelated stuff you put together and the more constipated you look, voila you have fashion. And if people laugh you sneer and say they are so gauche and so behind the times.

Trust me they will all be wearing the same thing tomorrow. Not because they like it or anything ...


Just in case it is the next thing and just in case you are someone they should know and they didn't know and they should know you.

Because when you looked that constipated, you raised a serious doubt in their own rock hard fashion knowingitallis armour.

Say "No" to Ex-Lax.

And now you know ... how hard it must be to be a model who needs to be both thin and yet appear to be constipated ... talk about muscle control ...that is talent.

SKIN:  -Belleza - Ellie Gacha 3 RARE
HAIR:  ! W&Y HAIR  New 141
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Mint Light
SCARF:  ::K:: Stylish Stole Leopard-Espresso Original Rigged Mesh
BRACELETS:  [chuculet] fantastic four bangles - wood/gold
PANTS:  [[>CaKe!<]]Ck Leather Pants Brown -Mesh for Acid Lily
SHOES:  Cattiva and Cattivo ~*ZHAO*~ - Steelettos - Chocolat
PURSE:  Le Poppycock *Hat box* Faded fragrance
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