Tuesday, June 18, 2013



I was just thinking. I know that this will excite some of you and strike fear in the hearts of others. To be honest, you should pay more attention to the people who are afraid of me. They will probably live longer.


We had tye-dyed shirts when I was growing up. Pretty easy - throw some paint on a shirt and the more wild it was the better. Worked well for clothes with stuff accidentally thrown on it - throw some more on it and call it designer. Can you imagine if we were putting stuff on t-shirts like they do now ... take a picture of whatever and put it on a t-shirt?? I am talking the prairies here.


I can just see all the kids with their 4-H prize winning steer or their favourite horse or the new tractor ... wow ... life could have been soooo exciting.

They can do that now of course, but kids on the farm have more options today, thanks to those of us who broke out and send back picture postcards of the real world.

I am a farm activist. I spoke up against wheat and plaid before anyone else ever found the courage. I should be on a t-shirt or something ... right next to a picture of my pet pig "fluffy."

SKIN:  Pink Fuel  [PF] Harley
HAIR:  AlliandAli Designs Loreen Hair
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes - Aegean
NECKLACE:  LUMINESSE-Delicato Amore Aqua Gold Pendant
TOP:  Glow Designs .:GD:. Strapless Dress White Horse
LEGGINGS:  DeeTaleZ Pants wool tights white diamond
SHOES:  N-core ULTRAPLATFORM "Noir Intense"
POSES:  Filthy
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