Thursday, June 13, 2013

Words To Live By.


I had an aunt who had really bad buck teeth.


She was my favourite.

My grandmother told me one day before I met her that she had "buck teeth." She told me about the "buck teeth" in a whisper, and made it clear that we could only talk about these things in absolute private and we were NEVER to discuss them in front of my Aunt. We didn't want to embarrass her because everyone wants to be "normal." I think I was suppose to cry or something ... it all seemed very serious.  Children should always cry when their grandparents expect them to ... especially when you are being spanked.  Not crying when being spanked means you are in even bigger trouble.  I think crying makes them feel like they have done their job right.  If they wag their finger at you, you should start crying immediately ... even if you are 30.


I was fascinated as to why my aunt would want Buck's teeth when they clearly did not fit her properly butI kept the secret. I never told my aunt she had buck teeth.

Then she got her teeth fixed and I remember the first time I saw her and I burst into tears and ran from the room and my grandmother had to come and talk to me. I told her that they had ruined my aunt and I hated normal because it was ugly.

Children see beauty and they aren't concerned with the container it comes in. My aunt was beautiful as she was.

Normal sucks.

Words to live by.

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