Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Explanation.

You know when you are running to catch the bus that is leaving for camp . . .
and then suddenly your feet get caught up in your rain coat which is hanging out of your back pack and you go flying and your suitcase spills out on the ground and all the cookies your gran baked for you get smushed and the bus pulls out without you and someone comments that they didn't know there was a speed bump in the parking lot as the bus runs over you and you hear everyone singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and they are laughing and planning all the fun they are going to have and you are just left flat out on the parking lot bleeding a little bit from one ear?
And then you go to the hospital and have to stay for a few days and you are watching the facebook posts of everyone having a great time and swimming and hiking and riding horses and you desperately look for some way to get up to camp, another bus, someone's mom heading up ... but there is just no way to get there and so you go home and you have relatives show up from out of town, and then the pool pump goes, and there is a matter in the community that needs your urgent attention and your best friend needs you in court for a character witness because her mom can't make it and then your own mom gets sick and then you get invited out to an awards dinner for you and all the while you are looking at the pics on facebook about camp and still there is no way to get there and even when you try to call your buddy who is up there having a blast ... the lines are all busy?
That is my life right now.
I can't get into anything when I have 2 seconds to log into SL and so I am just looking at the pics everyone is posting of their summer in SL before I have to run. 
I know no-one really cares but me and in the scheme of things SL is not my life but I would be lying to say I didn't feel bad.
So you sit down and cry and feel sorry for yourself and someone asks what is up and you say you are missing out on camp and that person looks at you like you are mental because they see you having this awesome summer at your house that they wish they had because you really do have this awesome life, and awesome family and awesome stuff going on and then the words of a Leonard Cohen song "Bird on a Wire" goes through your head ... "I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch, he said to me, "You must not ask for so much." And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened door, she cried to me, "Hey, why not ask for more?"
And you feel like a big whiney baby.
I am giving myself a time out and I am not allowed off my chair until I realize I no longer wear a cape.

SKIN:  [Hush] June Skin Tease Honey
HAIR:  ! W&Y HAIR   New 168
EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes - Pewter
BRACELETS:  Yak & Yeti * "Devdas" Indian Glass Bangle Set
JEWELLERY:  *Ticky Tacky* A Bitch Never Change Jewelry Set
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails  - Berry Blue
DRESS:  LushByCoCo    *Limited: Peplum Dress
BOOTS:  [[Gos] ] Curvaceous Boots in Fuchsia
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