Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crowning Glory.


I keep a good supply of crowns in my drawers, my purse, my glove compartment and my emergency overnight bag that I keep near the bunker.


I just learned early in life that a crown automatically takes everything up a notch. It makes you larger and more in charger. It is my weapon of choice.

The diamonds can blind someone if you need a momentary distraction to make your get away, they can also cut through glass if someone rolls up the windows in the back seat of the car and puts the child locks AND the points can be sharp enough to be useful when you need to make pointy dents on someone's face.

I think beauty pageants have had it wrong for years. Instead of all that bathing suit, evening gown, irrelevant talent crap which leads to people dismissing it as mindless ... they should let the girls design their own crown and then put them in a ring and the last one standing gets to hug the judges and talk about world peace.


I know this will lead to people trying to ban crowns world wide on account of they are weapons and can kill people but I would like to point out the humanitarian need to allow them, especially for rural people, who use crowns to kill possums so they can eat.

If we were more open about crown usage, people might be kinder to the royal family ... I doubt it ... but I am not above using any excuse to further my habit.

It is what a junky does.

SKIN:  DeeTaleZ Skin Gaby No.1 Spring
HANDS:  SLink  Mesh Hand Elegant
EYES: IKON  Lucid Eyes - Blue-Gray
LASHES:  Lynnix
MAKE-UP:  DeeTaleZ and MONS
SKIRT:   Faster Pussycat  FP LOTUS skirt - red
TOP:  Indyra Couture- Kato Top: Rouge
SHOES:  **NOYA** Impact Red Extreme High Heels
POSES:    Morphine

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