Monday, July 1, 2013

Diamond Style Adrianna Fair.

Diamond Style Adrianna 1

I like the notiion of wearing a crown around most days.

Diamond Style Adrianna 2

I think it saves a whole lot of confusion when people meet me. Having to answer all those questions can be so tiring. Yes, I am a queen. Yes, I am in charge. Yes, it is appropriate to throw money (gently) and to lavish me with gifts. Of course it is important to kiss my feet but it ain't going to happen because I never know what to say when it is over. You get all caught up in it when it is happening and then afterwards ... it is just weird.

They can just look at the crown and know ... either I am in charge or I was a big winner in a child beauty pageants 40 years ago and my life has been downhill ever since. either way, I should be cherished AND ... the feet thing is not happening.

Diamond Style

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