Friday, July 19, 2013

Eau de Toilette.


I used to get really bent out of shape when people would come to the farm to visit and then there would be that magic moment when they would sort of wander towards the door of the living room and whisper to whoever was closest ... "Do you have a bathroom?"


"No." Of course we don't, we just wander into the trees, or behind the barn and do our business wherever ... you know ... like the cows ...

My grandmother told me it was not polite to make fun of people ... not even when they asked stupid questions. Neither was it my place, a mere child, to point out to an adult that the proper question was "WHERE is your bathroom." She said that would impolite as well because it assumes that they have a right to use the bathroom. I argued that no adult in their right mind could seriously think that while we were prepared to offer coffee, tea and cake ... we would be offended that they use our bathroom. Like what were we going to do ... send THEM out to wander into the trees, or behind the barn and do their business wherever ... you know ... like the cows ...

And then I moved to Australia and the little snotty kids behind the cash registers never even understand what I am trying to say and look at me blankly until my hubby steps up and explains "the TOILETS." I can't even argue because seriously BATHroom?? or even WASHroom? What are we? So polite we can't even acknowledge what we all know we want it for??

It made me think a lot about the whole childhood conversations ....


. . . and I figure us Canadians are just plain retards ....

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