Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Da La Frenchy Da Scarfing.


Gone are the days when women ran around with a scarf over their curlers. Yes, one must not expose ones curlers to the tender sensibilities of the civilized man.


Women used to wear really pretty scarves so as to deflect your attention from the hard spiked knobs protruding underneath. Then you could go shopping, because a woman, in transition, from ordinary to sex-goddess was an approved state of being.

It is like catching the woman at the state of cocooning.

It is exactly like the caterpillar turning into the butterfly except there isn't as many legs or slime, there's no antennae, and no flying happening.

Exactly the same.


We don't allow women to curler themselves in public anymore. They must be coiffed at all times, ready to be iphoned and processed onto Facecrack. This is why so many women look half baked. They are.

They have not been cocooned enough and therefore their hair is limp and unimpressive, they no longer wear many scarves and they tend to attract pond scum men that leave trails of slime behind them.

You can use this analogy for your social paper on the world and why it is falling apart. It may apper to be about corruption and the economy but it is actually all about hair and scarves and curlers and not being allowed to take the time needed to transform ourselves into goddesses. Do not be fooled into thinking this means it is all women's fault ... because it never is.


Even when it looks like it has to be ... It isn't.

Everything is man's fault. He has the t-shirt.

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