Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Inner Broken Doll.

I was kinda mesmerized with this skin when I was taking the tour bus through my inventory yesterday.


I was just thinking how interesting it is that in SL we can all look any way we want. Many of us choose impossibly beautiful shapes and skins ... perfect ... without flaw. It is easy to look across the sea of beauty and see perfection. Out brokenness and scars are worn on the inside, safely tucked away behind prim breasts, jewelled lashes and perfectly painted faces.

Maybe it would be interesting if we existed more like this broken doll skin, with visible scars. Maybe people would be nicer to one another. Wouldn't it be incredible if we all embraced our imperfections and the imperfections in others and celebrated our inner "broken doll?"


Of course my brother embraced the broken doll theory years ago and I have all the maimed and headless Barbies to testify to it.

They are in a shoe box under the bed.

Maybe we should just go with the smoke and mirror for the moment. I am not sure the world is ready for that kind of revolution and I would hate to think of all of those people in a shoebox under a bed somewhere.

I am kinda claustrophobic.

SKIN:  JeSyLiLo KC Broken Doll Skin
HANDS:  SLink  Mesh Hand Elegant
HAIR:  Amacci Hair ~ Anastasia
EYES: IKON  Lucid Eyes - Blue-Gray
LASHES:  Lynnix
DRESS:  Little Blue Bird Clothing  Apple Blossom
SHOES:  [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps(Soft Blush)
POSES:    Morphine
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