Saturday, July 13, 2013

Parents Warned Their Kids About Me.


I was always the kid that the other kids parents forbade them to hang out with.


They accused me of leading their child astray, and of being a bad influence.  My own grandparents forbade my brother to hang out with me.

I think those types of parents should have to meet you later in life and apologize. There should be some kind of big ceremony where they call up the wrongly accused children and then all those parents should have to stand up and put their hands over their hearts and repeat some kind of solemn oath like:

I, (insert name here), was clearly an ass years ago when my children were in school. I wanted to pretend that my child was perfect and other children were to blame. I now understand, and take full responsibility for, the ass that my child actually is. I offer my sincerest apology to Bliss Windlow for ever implying she was a bad influence, for running her out of town, and for making her cry. I should be tar and feathered. I am pond scum.

And then they should have to like give me all kinds of money . . . and a parade . . . and offer me cool things that they made just for me while they went to rehab for 18 weeks to come to terms with the fact that they sucked as parents and were wrong.

 I want to see pictures where they were forced to stand for hours and look at pictures of me ... and then pictures of driven snow .... and see all the similarities.


Update: Unfortunately Bliss will not be able to finish this post on account of there seems to be a problem with her flu and cold medicine she has been taking ...

She is a little out of touch with reality.

. . . trust me when I tell you those parents knew exactly what they were doing.

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