Tuesday, July 30, 2013

STOP the Madness!!!!


Is it wrong to whine about the old days as in "I miss the old days when notices used to be about fashion or something important and not an endless stream of links to other people's blogs blogging the exact same thing I just blogged, over and over and over and over???"

Seriously I hate it.

I never click on any of them.

In fact I have deleted some of blogs from those I list on my own blog site.

The internet is full of tools that help keep me notified about the blogs I choose to follow.  That is what I like most . . . I get to choose the ones I like . . . they are not forced on me.

I sort of feel like SL has taken that away and said, " here ... you must have 83 helpings of the same thing," and so I get an endless supply of "Oh hai my new blog post is up."

These notices go out to people in a group.  People who have already given up one of their precious slots for that group, meaning they are already a pretty committed customer.  This is not advertising.  You are preaching to the choir . . . in a really annoying way.  In fact, when you flood us with all of that we are likely to miss the relevant messages the designer sends out that we DO care about.

We already have feeds.  Then we have the tools I mentioned before, meaning we can subscribe to a blog or have email notifications.  Then we have other social media that lets us know blogs have been posted.  Now we  have groups in Facebook, dozens and dozens of them, where the same blog entry gets posted over and over and over again.  Oh, and lets not forget that we all see the flickr pics from those posting, complete with links, every time we go to put up our photos.

Do we really need another notification of blog posts???

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a blogger in here in the first place without putting on a clown suit and annoying the hell out of everyone at the party????  I don't even like myself much anymore.

It's Blogarrhea and it makes my tummy hurt.

And  yes, I know, you can turn them off.  And then wade through hundreds of notices to make sure you have not missed the one or two important contacts from the designer, OR worse yet, miss out on the items sent because only so many notices are stored and that number seems to be exceeded almost daily.
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