Thursday, July 4, 2013



I had this great great great uncle who was really a great uncle. He was my favourite.


He was my favourite because he was always on the kids side. He aided and abetted our disobedience, our exploration of life, and our ability to play with object usually hidden from us and reserved for the very maturely responsible.

That's right, he let us drive tractors all over the place.

And he built the most amazing barn swing ever.

He hooked up to the highest pinacle of the barn so that if we ever figured out how to drive the tractor, or ride a cow up there, we would not even have to dismount before we grabbed hold, held on for dear life, and screamed as we sailed from one end of the barn to the other and back again. We had knots to stand on so we could really fly.

He told me once that he built it because he liked to swing sometimes too.


When he died I just knew he would skip the whole angels singing in a Heavenly Chorus thing and that he would be swinging on the baddest rope swing he could find. I think that is the best manifestation of a free soul that remembers what it is to be a child and to laugh just for the sheer joy of having the wind through your hair.

To me that is heaven.

I am not big on hymns, or choir outfits.

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