Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Deep Dark Woods.


I was never really afraid of woods as a kid. I embraced all those fairy tales where Red Riding Hood met the wolf, Hansel and Gretel met the witch and things grabbed people and thought .... "I like the woods!" and "Those woods could be really useful to me."


Showing no fear was a survival method on the prairies ... at least it was with my brother. I mean you could scream when you saw the worm and forever be looking over your shoulder (and under your bed, and in your purse and in yoour spaghetti) for worms to appear OR you could see the worm, take the worm, and put the worm on your hook . . .  and put that issue to bed.

I put a lot of things to bed.

I was like Nyquil only with naturally curly hair.

So I learned to love the woods and I chose to be on my brother's team because to choose anything else was basically to choose death and I still wanted to pet a Koala one day.  The woods became our playground, our escape, our silent partner in crime.

We left a lot of good things in the woods ... our imagination, our innocence, our childhood ...


. . . and 2 or 3 of our city cousins that irritated the heck out of us ....

SKIN:  [Hush] June Skin - Group Gift
HAIR:  .ploom Lauren - Indecisive
EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes - Pewter
DRESS:  Beautiful Dirty Rich   Your Only Wish White
SHOES:  ~*~Felicia's Fashions~*~ Madalyn - Lilac
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