Monday, July 29, 2013

The Snake In The Grass.


My daughter and her hubby were over here on a holiday and I promised them that they would probably not even see any snakes.


I think God punishes people who lie.

 I think he has a team responsible for comedy, that stay locked in a cloud until they come up with some really good ways of getting people back for the lies they tell.

My son in law was most anxious about the snakes. He did not want to be around poisonous snakes (go figure) and I cajoled him and poked fun at him and assured him we did not have any poisonous snakes in our yard and he would be fine.

Of course they immediately saw a snake, even though it is winter and too cold for snakes to normally be about ... there was one ... one snake who could not sleep and decided to hang out ... in our yard ... right in the spot we had designated as a "safe area for the two of you to go outside and smoke." THAT is the exact spot the snake decided to hang out in.

Oh and it was not a harmless tree snake or one of the occasional whip snakes that pass through.  Nope it was a red bellied black snake - one of the most dangerous snakes here. And it actually tried to attack them before it took off through the grass and then stood up and looked back at them and stuck out it's tongue. I always thought of sticking out the tongue as such a harmless little thing but for some reason when a snake does it, it is really creepy .... I looked like some kind of sick cruel mother in law.


When I told my mother in law she laughed and said "what a great adventure" for them and "weren't they lucky" to have such a great story to tell when they got home. I don't remember thinking any of those things when they were both crying into their pillows for 3 days and would not come out from under the bed.

I imagine the heavenly comedy team all got a raise.

I just hope my son in law will speak to me again some day ....

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