Friday, July 12, 2013

Wet T-Shirts for Seniors.


My grandparents thought it would be good for my sense of community for me to volunteer at the Old Folks Home on the weekends. It also meant that I would not be hanging around the hired men while they castrated the calves and asking them if they understood irony.

 I think they thought a "bunch" of grandparents might succeed where a couple of them had failed and that perhaps it took a whole "home" to raise a "child."


I went.

I organized a wet t-shirt contest.

Well ... it wasn't exactly a wet t-shirt contest. It was a water balloon fight - men against the women. Evidently arthritis, coupled with lots of rings, often causes "accidents" as one attempts to "throw" a water balloon ... even if the men were only a couple of feet away from them despite the 15 minute head start to "run."

I knew the men would all throw like girls which meant the women would be worse than that so I wanted to at least give them a chance ... you know build their self esteem and all. The men always win at the jello grab even though sometimes what they grab is not technically jello.

So the women would grab a balloon and either drop it in their lap where it would explode ... or hold it and then their fingers or rings would explode it all down their fronts. The men stood in shock . . . . many of them having no idea what they were seeing ... it had been that long. Some of them wet their pants, although they tried to blame it on the balloons despite the fact it was not even their turn and they had no water balloons. 

Yup, we had grannies in wet nighties.

Then everything got out of hand and everyone had to be further hosed down and I was frankly traumatized.


I am pretty sure that is why I never fully committed to burning my bra later.

The mind cannot unsee what it has seen.

SKIN:  [Hush] June Skin - Group Gift
HAIR:  *ARGRACE* Equestrian Cap/Dakota
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Mint Light
EARRINGS:  A&A Freaky Colours
BRACELETS: Mix And Match ::MM::: Boho Dichroic Glass Braceletes, NLA
BLOUSE:  Monso [SG*] highway Star
SKIRT:  Color Insane C.I Lollipop Skirt  for Acid Lily
BOOTS:  *TOXIC* Chelsea Ankle Boots
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