Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Basket Weaving.


I took basket weaving at a summer camp. It was one of those Church run summer camps where desperate parents handed over their hormonal infused teenagers and tried not to skip as they made their way back to their vehicles to enjoy a month of teen angst free time.


We teens pretended we were all about building campfires for Jesus. We were actually more excited about the possibilities of late night hikes and stolen kisses and groping through the sleeping bags. Church counselors go to sleep realllly quickly after you tire them out with hiking and volleyball and swimming.

The night was ours.

And during the day we did some crafts. Basket weaving was one of them. Like who couldn't use a big ugly poorly woven something? Most of the girls went for something pretty and resembling a fruit basket. I went for a new cattle feeder to hold hay.


It actually was the gate way drug for my ensuing difficulties with anything where you repeat patterns over and over ... crocheting ... knitting ... having kids . . .

You know, you start and are never quite sure when to end? 

I only quit weaving when I was afraid I would not be able to climb out of it.

I made a cattle feeder .... it blew over and killed 3 cows the first time we used it.

At least it deflected from anyone asking about the hickies on my neck.

Gave them time to heal.

I never liked religion more than when it was being served at summer camp.

SKIN:  Meggan M09 Skin (by Unique Megastore)
HAIR:  Action Womens Hair Joyce - Natural Ombre
EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes - Forest
LASHES:  Garage v.10 Koketa 
OUTFIT:  SAS - Fling Flower Lavender
NECKLACE:  [Aura] Boho Beaded Necklace Auxiliary
SHOES:  {{BSD}} BEAUTY QUEEN-Cherry COLOUR BSD Design studio
PURSE:  *RibboN*Flower BAG(MIX)
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