Monday, August 5, 2013

Gift For a Neighbour.


Our neighbour has an elaborate cage in their yard. It has been there for weeks but there is nothing in


It made me feel really sad.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Maybe they have some religious belief that if you buy a cage and paint it bright red and put it out in the yard ... the animals will come. Or the Christmas in July Fairies are supposed to bring them. I mean that could be it and they just got lost, or are late, or can't tell time, or thier calendar got stuck together with hot chocolate and melted marshmallows...

When I finished crying, and I got a valium haze, the answer came to me. I can't tell you how many answers come once that haze happens. I have often thought, if only I had valium when I wrote my math tests. I am not sure I would have got a higher mark or anything ... but I would have felt a whole lot better about it, you know?

Anyway I wanted to surprise them when they got home and have lots of little animals in their cage. It would have been nice to put in some bunnies, or some gerbils, or even maybe like a small baby elephant ... but the pet store in town sucks.

Everyone loves homemade stuff best anyway right?

I was going to draw them pictures of animals and put them in there but then I thought that was being pretty cheapskate of me and you can hold onto a paper bunny and make it hop but if you happen to be in the bathtub when you are doing that and it drops ....the magic is just ... gone.

So I gathered up some ants on a leaf and I carried them over there and put them in the cage. I named the cute one "Fluffy." They seemed to really like their new home and I thought the neighbours could really enjoy watching them grow and play.


I went back just now to check on them because the neighbours will be home soon and I wanted to make sure they were behaving ... all that was there was a dead leaf.

No ants.

I guess it is true that you can't keep your loved ones safe all the time.

They are going to have to buy a better cage before they can have anymore pets.

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