Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Tried Scrapbooking and Yes I Sucked At It.


I tried scrapbooking once.


I thought it would be cool to do something different, so I scrapbooked conversations that my teenage daughters had with me. I was thinking, mother and daughter bond, you know like in those fuzzy commercials for shampoo and sanitary napkins.

I was dazed and confused through their whole babyhood because I refused to take Prozac like all those other pinterest-to-be moms.  I missed the photo ops that lead to Anne Geddes moments and possible baby food commerical contracts.  I did not manage to ever capture them in a flower outfit or with angel wings glue gunned on .. . although I do have a picture of one of my sons eating marigolds when he was a baby, right before we had to rush him to the hospital and got to spend some quality time with Children's Social Services.

I was thinking a scrapbook of mother/daughter interaction would be so awesome.  We would look back on it in the years to come and remember how close we were and probably angels would sing and God would put a special dream lens on our eyes and we would hug and I would get nifty presents for Mother's Day.


Unfortunately, even with expensive edging scissors, expensive paper, flowers and pretty cutouts of fluffy baby animals ... "Shut-up I hate you, I hope you die" just cannot be prettied up.

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