Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jesus Loves Me.


I was almost arrested once. I think I was about 14 and we all had jumped in a car to go to a nearby town to drink where it was rumoured that anyone could get into the bar.


Everyone else was 16 - 18. They were my fellow class mates and they took me along to make sure the rest of them would not get ID'd seeing as the drinking age was 21. I was blessed with looking much older than I was when I was younger and now looking much younger than I am. I take it as pretty much proof conclusive that God loves me.

One of the kids had fake ID just in case, but I told him that a card that said, "Please allow Donald Smithson into the bar this evening as he is definitely 21.  Yours Truly, Mrs. Smithson" was not going to cut it ... even though I thought the picture he had drawn on it was a good likeness.

We got to the bar fine, and we drank fine, but then when we were walking back to the car we got stopped by the RCMP who happened to notice a large group of kids all stumbling and throwing up and stuff.    We tried to be inconspicuous but being as the whole town had about 28 families living in it and the local paper had not reported that anyone was expecting Mormon visitors, and the Hutterites did not allow women out after dark, every plausible explanation for our being there was easily ruled out. 

The cop followed us for 6 nanoseconds before turning on his lights and his siren.  Everyone else took off running and my girlfriend and I were caught like deer in the headlight.  To be fair, I did not think we could outrun a car when I could feel its grill on my legs.

All I could remember, after thinking we were both going to die ... not because of the police and what they might do but because of my grandfather and what he WOULD do ... was that my grandfather had always told us if we were ever stopped by the police we were to be all "Yes sir! No Sir! How high sir?" I had only got to the "No sir!" part when a car blazed past us down the street at about 100 mph and burned 3 donuts before disappearing into the prairie wheatland.  The RCMP officer looked at us, looked at the car, looked at us, coughed in the dust ... and ran for his car, jumped in and took off after him.

We waved and wished him well.


I am just putting it out there in case that speeding dude reads this, that I would personally like to thank him and buy him a beer. He really saved my butt that night and I want him to know I prayed that he would get away too.

And I would like to say to the officer who was only doing his job that I am really sorry he did not get to hear the rest of my very polite retorts.

Oh, and God, sorry I lied about the whole, "if I just get out of here alive, I promise to never drink again."  I just don't think you would spin donuts to save anyone .. not even me ...

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