Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's All Be Movie Stars.


I think it is freaking brilliant the way Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston handled their break up.


First neither one of them talked about if for years. Then they only said polite, nice, one liners, and now, after all this time, they are really slinging the dirt in a completely passive aggressive manner.

Is that not the best reason ever to live your life like a movie star??

Come on, how many times have you like lost it in the moment of the actual break up and keyed his car, tweeted rude comments, sent his employer those pics from that weekend he was supposedly at his grandma's funeral, and screamed the most horrendous things you could think of . . . only to wake up the next day and come up with a hundred ideas of  more devious ways to get even and better things you wish you had said???

Now imagine if you had a couple of years to plot that all out? Admit it ... you wanna be a movie star


It's just a darn good thing that no-one has moved on with their own lives in that time, and that so many people still think anything about the two of them is worth interrupting the world news with.

I know I peed my pants when it came across my television screen.  I didn't even care that I was at dinner at my mother in laws and that she said "THIS is just another really good example of WHY people should not be watching television when they are eating dinner."

I just wanna point out what incredibly great actors both Brad and Jenn are. (I am allowed to called her Jenn on account of it is just way too formal to say Jennifer when you know this much personal crap about someone).  That they could fool everyone into thinking they were the happiest couple ever ever ever in Hollywood for all those years, and then fake that Jenn was devastated with the break up, when the truth is, as they have FINALLY shared, both of them always hated each other, wasted their lives doing nothing but lying around doing drugs, without any aim or purpose, and were miserable and unhappy that whole time, is just ... wow!!!

What talent.

It makes me want to try even harder to fake my life with the people I "love."  No wonder they are both such role models to us all.  

I have to go now, I accidentally spewed sarcasm all over my computer.

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