Thursday, August 22, 2013

Like Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat.


My grandmother always was very practical.


I mean there was no way on God's green earth she was ever ever going to talk to me about sex (except in vague comparisons to nature and with lots and lots of "thou shalts" and "the Bible teaches") but she definitely had lots of little sayings that she liked to tuck into my mind like she tucked my hair behind my ear.

I hated that, I always untucked my hair the moment she wasn't looking and threw the saying in the huge firepit burning in my mind that I always kept at a dull roar for occasions such as those. I was very warm blooded.

She told me that I should always have "mad money" when I went out on a date. At first I thought, "Bonus, we can buy more beer and have a great time!" but she was not meaning "mad" as in "fun" or like "Mad Magazine." She was meaning "mad" as in being angry. She clearly did not have great expectations of my dates but she genuinely thought she was being incredibly liberated. Imagine giving me permission to dump his sorry ass and make my own way home. What power!!

I figured $100 should get me home in one piece.

She handed me a dollar.

A dime to make a phone call and enough to buy myself a pop and chips if I needed something to eat. (Yes nutrition only mattered when you grew it or raised it on the farm - pay for it and you got whatever was cheapest.) I felt so special. So empowered.


Thank heavens the other girls also had mad money and there was enough of us to go together to get a case of beer . . . after we ditched our dates that is.

I am surprised my grandmother never noticed I came home with a different guy. That's what happens when you get old and you think all young people look the same.


SKIN:  .::WoW Skins ::. Manuela Milk
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