Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Multipurposing Your Life and Make-up Accidents.


I love this dress. I love it for many many many reasons and probably some that you have not considered which I will share, even though some of you are strangely quiet and trying NOT to make eye contact. I love shy followers.


Thankfully I got an A+ on my online, Perez Hilton, "Body Language" course. Those 10 questions were pretty tough, I mean you could not study or anything and the examples were the Kardashians and I don't even like them well enough to be able to tell who is who - they all look the same to me ... except for the really ugly tall girl with the short grey hair cut. Is she the one they think might have been adopted? Anyway, despite all those things I still smashed the whole exam so I am qualified to read those of you who are unable to speak up. I am going to tell you another reason why this outfit rocks.

Consider this ... you do your whole make-up thing and you are out and it is hot and then you look in the mirror and your make-up has sort of slid all over your face and there just is no way to take you seriously. Normally this would be the biggest disaster ever but with a dress like this you can find someone else's shoes (if you are in Canada, they will be at the front door) making sure they are the biggest pair ever, and then you can lick your finger and stick it in a lightbulb socket so that your hair frizzes and curls (or eat your bread crusts if you have some time to wait for them to work)and grab some balloons.

You can pass anywhere - kids parties, circuses, parades ... you might even get preferential treatment in some places.

Seize the day and act like you MEANT to look like this.


Just avoid the dudes that have Coulrophobia because they can really hurt people when they jump around screaming and try to claw their way out of the plane.

Why are their fewer of you here than when I started?

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma[:ME:] Sapphire Medium Skintone
HANDS:  SLink  Relaxed 1
HAIR:  .ploom  Dusty Beehive - Indecisive
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes Aegean
MAKE-UP:  Dulce Secrets
JEWELLERY:  *ByKay* ~ Lady Forest
DRESS:  Faster Pussycat   FP Dementia Dress - mint
POSES:  Eternal Dreams

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