Friday, August 23, 2013

Suriving The Lightning Strikes of Life.


We had a dog that used to go crazy when we had lightning and thunder. He would run back and forth across the top of the hill we lived on, barking across the valley, protecting the farm and all the little fluffy farm creatures.

He was a damn good dog too because none of us ever died from lightning OR thunderation.


But then I saw this today. Someone asked in a forum on the internet how they could stop being afraid of thunder storms and some dude answered:

"Never stop being scared of thunderstorms. Always treat them as potentially lethal and take precautions to avoid being struck directly or being hit by a conducted voltage surge. Dogs are afraid of thunder because that fear teaches them to go underground where their risk is reduced. That is part of their instinct for survival. Make it part of yours."

I could see this guy as he typed, still in his boy scout uniform even though his legs and arms stick out way beyond the length of the pant legs and the shirt sleeves and the shirt can't be buttoned, nor the fly done up .... but wearing it just as proudly as the day he got it.

I could see him with his collection of National Geographics all indexed and sorted so that Life was always at his finger tips.  I could see the page open to the article on "The Nature of Dogs," cross referenced to "The Magesty of  Lightning."   This guy was a true humanitarian.  He probably saved lives every day.

I thought about our dog.  I guess he was a canine savant . . . brilliant at rounding up the cattle but sucked at dog instinct 101. He clearly did not have a sensible dog bone in his entire body.  He was neither afraid, nor did he ever go underground.

My brother was under the bed whimpering, but I don't think you can get a degree in dog by proxy.


I have to admit though, I have spent the day trying to imagine this woman, desperately trying to dig a hole every time a thunderstorm hits ... hiding down there with all the dogs, and laughing at the humans who are just up there like watching the baseball game or eating pie or something.

She probably has tried to find this man, hoping he might be single and they could date. She probably wonders what other instincts he could teach her about.

It would make an incredible love story wouldn't it?  The man of wisdom and the woman who hides with dogs.

Life has so many more shades to it than I ever thought.

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