Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Answer - Finally!


I discovered a really nifty trick today on how to get rid of telephone solicitors ... I mean it is not the way we all dream of . . . but it seems to have worked.


I got one of those, "hello we are your internet service provider and a number of files on your computer are infected" calls. It was a long day and I was tired of being nice. I had a 5 minute stretch there going and it was exhausting.

I started swearing at him about what a bunch of bullshit that all was.

He hung up on me.

Except I am not sure whether it was my swearing or the fact a car backfired twice at the same time. The car backfired again later on when I was talking to someone else and they dropped the phone because they thought a gun had gone off.  

I thought it was kinda dumb to drop it considering I don't think you can shoot someone over the phone but then this person went to Uni and everything so you can see how maybe a phone solicitor could be fooled.


So ya, swear and shoot a gun off.

One of those two, or maybe the combo, works. Don't risk it by trying just one. Be safe. Do both.

They have never even called back and usually they phone in 3's when they get our number.

I am going to see if it works with mother in laws too.

I will report back.

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