Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Autumn Leaves.


You know all that romantic stuff about the leaves falling and walking through them in the park, crunching underfoot, while you hold the hand of the one you love ... well this is kind of a public service announcement.


It is true that there is a dark side to leaves ... they fall all over the place and have to be raked up. They get in your swimming pool and you have to scoop them out . . . Hours and hours in the hot sun reaching with rake or the swimming pool scoop, back and forth, back and forth ... no-one even appreciating the callouses forming on your hand, no-one to wipe your hot sweaty brow ...

Leaves without a romantic partner ... suck.


Leaves like that suck everything out of you.  But that's what happens when you lose your "New Horizon's Internet Date" somewhere in the forest. Walking around crunching leaves with them falling off the tree is not romantic when you are considering the TOS you signed promising to not harm any of your dates, and to return them promptly at the agreed time.

You are banned from ever hooking up with another internet dating site.

Your name goes up in lots of public washrooms with warnings.

You spend the rest of your life alone cursing leaves.

I didn't mean to lose him.

I think "New Horizon's" should have at least insured that people they put on their site knew how to use a compass, read the moss on trees or something.

Oh and BTW ... if any of you find him ... you can keep him.  The moment has past.  I don't care if I complete him anymore.

That's how bitter I am.

You should go now, this is the part of the day when I curse love.  It's not pretty.

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