Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thing I Learned from Sunday School.


I was big on being a Christian when I was going to Sunday School.


I liked the stories, and figured some of them were like really cool and made perfect sense to me ... but then I tried re-enacting some of them, or proving them ... and that was when I realized they had maybe taken a little literary license for the sake of holding the readers interest, even though most people would argue they fail pretty miserably at that too. I guess it depends on how effective your Sunday School teacher is and whether they attended the Dale Carnegie course for Sunday School teachers or the Toastmasters for Jesus group.

Mine did.

I believed it all.

I mean I should point out that I also believed in dragons and fairies and mermaids. Mr. Disney seemed like a kind man, especially when he stood next to Mickey Mouse.


But I have to tell you, making you "fishers of men . . . " like I even wore my broach I won for knowing all my Sunday School verses when I went fishing and I still just caught slimy stinky fish.

In fairness, maybe men evolved from Biblical times where they just could not hold their breath that long under water to wait for beautiful princesses to come fishing for them ... either that or they don't like worms ...

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