Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Fashion Story Noir ... Realllllly Noir.

SL's Film Noir

Ok it is Sunday morning and it is time for anothe Blissy bitch-o-rama.  If you are in the middle of your tea and croissants you probably do not want to read this.  I am sick, I am on drugs and I may be contagious.  Just warning you.

It was a dark and storm night  and Mirabella had just put a  dent in her screen  because that is what happens when you bang your head against it repeatedly, but not hard enough to break it because that would be just mean you couldn't work on your computer and that would be stupid.  Mirabella was not stupid.  She was a blogger in SL. 


She banged her head against the screen because this is a story and stories need symbolism and I am writing it and I can do whatever I want.  Mirabella  was finally putting her head into her computer because clearly she had not done that months ago when she got into bed with the Designer from hell.   She has naive and kind (Mirabella - NOT the designer)  She was the kind of girl that the fashion world in SL chewed up and spit out for a snack.  


At first it was just a pack of clothes and a request for her to blog which she did because she liked to help people out. 


Then came the request to join her group, then her bloggers group and that is the problem with being nice ... it is a damn slippery slope and it is never really clear where exactly one steps off the niceness toboggan, or how.  Especially when you realize you have been sliding down that hill, not in snow, but in poo.


Then came the note card with the rules.    It said that basically all bloggers must post something of hers twice a week and that they must put the link to the post in the group.  They were also required to join her on facebook and her flickr group, to "like" a whole bunch of pages, have her logo on their blogs and make sure that they have her logo on all their posts.  They must also jump up and down on one foot with one hand patting their tummy and the other rubbing their head.   Failure to do so would result in public shamings, followed by stoning and the beheadings.


Mirabella sucked at rubbing her head.


A month later a special package arrived.  After opening up 37 boxes to get to the contents, as was the case with all this designers offerings, 14 heads rolled out across Mirabella's studio.  Dead bloggers.. . bearing in mind that no medical personnel were present at the time to verify that the heads, had indeed stopped breathing, and were dead.  Mirabella, having spent hours watching SUV felt qualified to identify them as "dead heads."


Mirabella, now fearing for her life, had to give away all her other work so that she could be available for this one designer, who within 3 months, had arrived in SL, taken it over completely, and was controlling the feeds.  Mirabella's days were spent clicking off on the 5,000 notices that came to her telling her that other bloggers had blogged the exact same thing the last 4,999 had.  Mirabella never looked at a single blog.  It may have been a futile ineffective rebellion on her part but it was a rebellion none the less and she smiled to herself with each click of the delete button.



Now the woman was insisting that her bloggers use her shape, her skins, her clothes, her poses and write only what she told them to write.   That meant that every single blog from her bloggers would be identical to each other period.  Frequent notices came scolding them that they must blog as she said.  Mirabella became an expert in making little hand motions at the screen that were truck driver swearing in some language.


Mirabella also  realized there was only one small obstacle on the road to this woman's complete and total domination of SL Fashion ... the other designers.  She sat back and folded her hands, looking at her dented computer screen and waited for the bodies.


OK I may have exaggerated and made a composite character here but nice people like Mirabella really do exist.   I promise. 


I do feel the designers are getting completely out of hand with their demands for people who blog for them.  While we have it pounded into our head that we must read their profiles and read their rules I wonder how many take the time to read the blogger's profiles or their "rules."  I have never seen a whole list of rules from a blogger.   They tend to have one and it is pretty straight forward.  IF, they accept review copies, most bloggers make it clear that they will only blog what they like or they feel is in keeping with their standards or style.  I don't think any of us ever agreed to sell our soul to a designer.  Just because we are on your blogger roll does not mean that we are going to blog everything you do.  We cannot survive with only one designer.


And it is not a win for you either to have us just blogging everything you.


Think about it.  If all I blog for is Designer A, then if I tell people her designs are great, who cares?  But if I am blogging lots of different designers and I say something great about a designer, it means a whole lot more.    If I am a blogger who only blogs what I like, as I am, then if I blog it, my readers know I think it is worth a look.


Why don't the designers focus on designing and leave the blogging to the bloggers?  Believe it or not most of us have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into our work.  It means as much to us as your designs do to you and without us you are not going to be as successful.  I am sorry but it is true.  You need us.


If you have crap bloggers who cheat you or abuse your review copies, then you need to deal with them on a case by case basis and not punish all of us because of it.  Truthfully it is not my problem.  It is part of the problems you have to deal with as a designer.


Mirabella, of course, has the option of removing herself from the designers group, but more and more we are seeing demands put out there which is basically wanting to control what we blog, and how we blog.  Relationships have to be symbiotic. You can't make all kinds of demands, insisting bloggers read them, do them, obey them and then not even be aware of the one simple rule most of us have.  We are not going to blog everything you give us.  We will not love everything you create.  Not everything you make is going to suit our style.  And if we can't take what you give us and put it together in our own way then you should just blog it yourself and save the time of sending out all those notices.


I have a couple of things that are mine and unique to me - my shape and my style.  It is reflected in what I blog, and how I blog it.  I don't even need to exist if I am going to blog your shape, your skin, your clothes, your poses, etc and use your words.  There is no need for Bliss Windlow.  I am just being you.


What do I love about SL fashion?  I love that so many different expressions of human beings shop at many of the same places and pull together completely different looks.  No blogger can be all things to all people, we all have our own little niche.  Celebrate it, embrace it.  Don't destroy it.

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