Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dating Professionals.


I am a girl with a lot of class.  I dated a lot of professional people in my life time. You know like doctors, and lawyers and dentists and chiropractors etc.


You can pick your teeth back up off the floor, why is that so unbelievable?

My brother tried to say that they were not dates but they were.  I asked him what else you called it when you see someone over and over again regularly  ... some weekly, some monthly ... and it goes on for years.  I am still dating some of them, even though I am married.   He said they were "appointments" and I was just a "patient" or a "client."  Pfft ... hello role play ... ever heard of it?  My brother is such a loser sometimes.

You can argue this all you want but I have spent a lot of time really analyzing what a date is and what it is not and the fact remains ...


When you brush your teeth, put on your best underwear, make-up, and fix your hair . . . it's a date. I can't help it, I go for the initial meeting and then they ask me back, over and over again.  When I brush my teeth, I am completely irresistible.

The real irony of this is that my grandparents always hoped I would marry a doctor.  They would look at my boyfriends and ask me why I couldn't date someone nice, like a doctor or a lawyer or something.  I did try to point out that I was not sure it was legal for them to be dating a 14 year old but they were adamant I should aim higher. 

So now I date doctors.

I wonder if they know that almost every doctor expects you to get naked on the first date.  And then they want you to wear this stupid paper nighty and they always call in some woman to watch. 

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