Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hunting In The Fall.


I love fall. All those leaves, pretty colour, cool crisp temperature, crunching through the woods hand in hand with the new boy who just moved into your school.

Oh and new school supplies.  I love new glue.


I liked to be on the meet and greet committee at the school. I figured if I licked the new kid first, he was mine. Then I liked to take him into the woods to an old hunters shack and tether him to the stone fireplace ... you know to keep him safe from all those girls who did not know how to handle new kids.  Those girls did not know how to take it slowly and give the poor kid a chance to fit in. I was saving the wildlife.  I was a conservationist.

Some of the guys tried to resist my charms but you would be amazed how after a month or so how they really started to like you ... a lot. They especially liked you if you brought them little gifts like pop tarts and an etch-a-sketch so they had something to do while they waited. 

I was cool with the whole thing until I saw this show on television about Animal Cops and how they raided this hunters cabin. I wrote about that new dawning here. Then I saw some shows on the crime network and I realized ....


I needed to go back and let those guys free ... if for nothing else ... so they could finish the 8th grade.

I am pretty sure I am saved now and that Jesus loves me. That is what happens when you make things right and say you are sorry. Unless you are in a Love Story ... you don't ever have to say sorry then ... you just die.

SKIN:  -Belleza  - Leila Sk 1 for Collabor88
HAIR:  *Dura-Boys&Girls*41
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Dark
LASHES:  Al Vulo Doll Lashes
NAILS:  **Feel** FlowerPink&GoldNail
TOP:  Evening Suit 'Got Birdie?' - Cilian'gel
JACKET:  ISON  - oversized wool coat (cream) for Collabor88
SHORTS:  ISON - pleated shorts (cream) for Collabor88
NECKLACE:  Happy Finds
HANDBAG:  ISON  folded leather clutch for Collabor88
BOOTS: ISON - cult riding boots (cream) for Collabor88
POSES:  Di's Opera
LOCATION:  Innisallen
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