Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Think I Missed The Bus.


I am not big on the lala looloo tango waltzy boobzillas that everyone is wearing.


I think they look great in the more revealing pictures, much more life like WHEN they are done properly but as someone who is only impressing my own esthetic with all my glorious pixel nakedness there is not much point. Still, most times when I look at them I can't help thinking about the cartoon that was always in the back of the Playboy mags my brother used to hide under his bed. (What?? It is my DUTY as his sister, to check out EVERYTHING he is trying to hide!! How else am I supposed to be able to tattle on him??)

Some avatars have them sooo ginormous and so pointy that I lost almost ALL my IKON eyes.  And I love IKON eyes.

So ya I have pretty much given up on breasts. I am so flat chested now because I also gave up on mesh and just made my breast non existent so they are not an issue in any of the clothes ... I am surprised my pixel evening gowns and tube tops don't end up around my ankles more often.


I ended up completely naked in a noob collecting pen the other day when I logged in, because my land was not available, and the dude that was running around to everyone going, "Hi, wanna be my friend, I have a 12 inch penis, do you want to be on top or should I just start climbing now?" just looked at me and screamed, "OMG what happened to yours?"

"Progress Baby ... SL waits for no-one, not even me."

SKIN:  Glam Affair- Lilith - Europa 12
HAIR:  Exile::Counting Stars
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Dark
LASHES:  mock Priscilla lashes
DRESS:   IndyraOriginals Mesh: Minuet Gown
SHOES:  [ATOMIC] Footwear - Amour Heels_Black Auxiliary
POSES:  Izumiya
LOCATION:  Black Kite

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