Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Was An UnCute Kid.


I was not a cute kid. We did not have movie cameras in our phones and the opportunity to be a YOU Tube Star back then, otherwise I might have tried harder.  Being cute really has nothing to do with your looks as much as it has to do with you doing cute little girl things that make people smile. 

I asked too many questions and made the grown-ups feels uncomfortable.


I am pretty sure that in the manual of child cuteness, is a whole chapter about NOT making the grown-ups uncomfortable.

When my grandmother first read me the story of the Snow White and the 7 dwarves I had a lot of questions.

I wanted to know which one she was married to because I had heard my grandparents talking that girls and boys don't live together until they are married. Of course boys and girls were living together before they were married but in my grandparents head that never happened. Chapter 8 of the cute child handbook explains that reality is irrelevant, all that really matters is what is going on in your parents head.

I also wanted to know why she could go and live with 7 strangers when I was always told to stay away from the hired men. Some kids grew up fearing the monster under their bed, I grew up fearing the hired men. I was never told WHY I should fear the hired men but just that I should and that when you talked about it you lowered your voice, moved your eyes around all over the place as if the hired men were going to jump out any moment, and nodded solemnly. When we got to the part about the old lady giving her the apple, I said, oh she was like you right grandma? Chapter 9 of the cute child handbook talks about the dangers of bringing up age and how one should always suggest a parent is much younger than they really are.

I had a lot of questions about kissing and dead bodies and why we couldn't keep my dog who died in a glass cage and wait for her prince dog charming to come along and kiss her alive. I also wanted to know where dwarves lived and if we could visit some.

Snow White was pretty disappointing and unbelievable to me.


You might be surprised to know my grandparents stopped reading me bed time stories shortly after that.

Uncute kids do not get bedtime stories.
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