Sunday, September 22, 2013

In Charge Of My Own Destiny.


I was big into being in charge long before anyone got the yoga mats out and figured how to charge people hundreds of dollars for a weekend away eating grass and bark.


I did it without meditation and hanging rose petals around my neck. I was free destiny-ing myself. I never waited for others in high school to vote me to the "most popular" or the "most likely to (insert something nice here anything really other than end up as pond scum."

I had a marking pen.

I wrote my own shit.

I knew how to draw a crown, and I even had a little ceremony at the time which was far more moving than the real deal.

I did it for two reasons ... I knew that I did not have to wait for other people to pronounce me "awesome," I mean, just because they failed to recognize my awesomeness was their failing, not mine ... and secondly ...


I knew by the time anyone pulled out the old year book most of those people would be dead from a combine or hunting accident, or in jail and I would be miles away and there was no way my kids would ever think to verify the handwriting.

The best part about being a parent is that you get to make up all kinds of stuff about your childhood and God allows it if the point is to teach your kids something. I was voted "most likely to raise the best kids."

 I have my reputation to uphold.

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