Friday, September 13, 2013

Mandarin Trauma.

My hubby came home from golf and wanted to know why I had thrown a mandarin into the garbage.
I explained to him that I peeled it and a whole section of the orange was missing. I have a rule.  The only person whom I am willing to share my mouth with is him and being as I was pretty sure he had not peeled the orange and eaten part of it and then crazy glued it back together ... that left only one other option ... some kind of bug!  A bug!  As in icky ... as in I WOULD NEVER EVER LET MY MOUTH TOUCH ANYTHING THAT IT HAD LICKED, EATEN or CUDDLED WITH. 
And then as I was eating my breakfast I looked over on the counter and there was this white wormy little icky thing and it was squirming around all icky and creepy ... did I mention it was ICKY???  And THEN I got the biggest paper towel I could ... well actually half the paper towel roll just to be sure that my hand would not ever come into contact with the ickiness and I went to get it and it jumped.
It was trying to kill me.
I tried to get it again and it jumped again.
I screamed and I can't explain what happened but this kind of animal instinct took over and I was up on top of the cupboard and I have no idea how the knife got in my hand but I was screaming and chopping and toweling and ... it was a battle to the death and when I was done I stood there, on top of the cupboard, sweat pouring off my body, blood everywhere and I took a deep breath and realized ...
I was so.  damn.  lucky.  to be alive.  
I cried a little bit.
And I held myself.
And then I got down and freshened up and lit a candle.

Hubby just looked at me.  I could tell he was deeply moved.  He couldn't even speak.
He just picked up a mandarin and peeled it and ate it slowly.
Then he put the knife back into the knife block and walked out of the room.
You know sometimes things happen in life when you realize you are just damn lucky to have married such an amazingly strong, wonderful person.  I think this was one of those moments for him.

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