Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Deeply Religious Morning.


So the doorbell rang the other morning and I went to answer it.


I had a busy morning but I was feeling pretty good. I was dressed, hair combed, make-up on, earrings in ... so I opened the door to find 2 Jehovah Witnesses standing there. The ladies looked at me and one said, "Oh we're sorry. Are you not feeling well?"


What happened to, "Hello, lovely morning isn't it?" Or "Hi there, how are you this morning?" Or even, "Good morning, Jesus Loves you."

I am pretty sure that even in the Jehovah Witness Handbook for frontdoor chat there is NO chapter where it says, "when the lady of the house answers the door, someone you have never seen before, immediately insult the way she looks by suggesting she is sick ... or maybe even pregnant."

I stood looking at the ladies for a few moments while they looked at their feet and then at their pamphlets and then up at the sky praying that Jesus would take them home, and I said, "Jesus doesn't like it when you say mean things you know? He can see you from the watch tower and that is not his happy face. I think you two better get back in your car, drive on home, and spend some time on the naughty stools in your closets thinking about our time together here."


I offered them both a "Jesus Loves Ugly Children Too" colouring book that I like to keep by the front door and told them I wasn't going to be their friend anymore, so they were not allowed to ever ever come back to my house.

I am pretty sure Jesus doesn't want either of those two for sunbeams anymore.

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