Monday, September 30, 2013

These Are Real Tears You Know.


I am not in Canada and it is fall and you can imagine the trauma of it all.


I thought hubby should try to recreate the whole event for me. So I got some coloured paper and cut out some leaves and told him he should stand on a chair and throw the leaves on me when I walk by. But then he was not doing it right ... like the wind makes a sound when it blows the leaves off the trees. AND they don't just all fall at once, they have to blow gently. I told him to hold the leaves and let them brush against my face before they fall to the ground but having your hubby rolling on the ground is not the same.. Like the crunch when you step on the leaf and there is a hand attached to it is not at all like the real thing. Then the leaves were all bent and mushed and I had a cramp in my hand from all the cutting with the scissors and we were out of paper. Hubby said he had to ice his hand because he needed it for golf the next day or something like that.

I was just kinda depressed about the whole thing.


I would appreciate it if you could all keep your falling leaves, colours, pumpkins ... all that stuff down to a dull roar. I think it is really poor manners to flaunt your autumn when there are people in the world that don't get any.

I am crying now.

I hope you are happy.

You all thinking blogging is just so easy don't you?

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