Monday, October 14, 2013

A Horse With A Bell.


Riding a bike around a farm is kinda sad.   You wanna be cool do wheelies and stuff but you really can't.


Dirt roads with lots of gravel on them is liking trying to move through wet cement. And if you hit the pastures you have to dodge cows and cow pies.   Well you don't HAVE to . . .  but it helps.

So you park the bike and climb on the horse and gallop across the pairies while you plot your eventual escape to the city where you can ride a bike on smooth surfaces and feel the wind in your hair, sans the flies in your teeth.

Except when I got to the city, and got my bike, I went down a hill at full speed and a car turned in front of me at the bottom.  It was like it was herding me, like I was a sheep being turned into the corral, or maybe a rabbit being hunted as the car moved in for the kill.  I was forced to make a sharp turn and I hit the other curb, flew over the bike sailing towards the heavens, before I stopped, was suspended for a nanosecond while I contemplated my entire life and the foolishness of my love affair with the city and the bike, and then fell to the earth and bounced off the cement.  Who knew a body could bounce like that ...

 . . . and survive  . . .


I got up, brushed myself off, went to my basketball game, played 2 games, came home, got in the tub and went to get out and all I could do was whimper for my mommy ... who wasn't there.

Any idea how embarrassing it is to have paramedics and firemen have to lift you out of the tub and take you to the hospital? 

When I got home two days later, I had my grandfather bring the horse in and take the bike.  You can take the girl out of the country but that is no guarantee she will survive the city.  That's not the way I roll apparently . . .

A horse with a bell works better than a bike anyway.  People always want to pet a horse.  It was a refreshing change from them trying to kill me.

NOTE:  I completely messed up the credits for this outfit and when I caught it and went back I had deleted the right ones.  The skin is Mirror's Enigma.  The outfit mainly ISON.  SORRY SORRY SORRY.
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