Wednesday, October 9, 2013



I like the decorating part, after you recover from the blowing up the balloons. I like stapling and gluegunning and taping and plotting and planning ... it gives me kind of this smug satisfaction and I find myself wanting to video tape it all so I can send it to my Kindergarten teacher and let her know she was so wrong ... my scissor and gluing skills HAVE opened all the right doors for me and so much more.


What I don't like is the taking down of the decorations.

They never look as bright and festive and fun. Alcohol definitely enhances colours ... and people. People that stay over always looks less fun too in the morning. Especially the ones you don't know. I have a feeling that the couple sleeping in bedroom 3 may have been Jehovah Witnesses that came to the door during the party and we invited in. I think I saw them trying to share their message but then we shared ours. Ours won.

I like to pop all the balloons. I waited for the neighbour to come out, get into the bushes, heavy into his perving position (don't ask) and then I started popping in quick succession. I thought it was funny to see him run one way into the bushes and then the others, screaming, and then hit the ground. I just pointed to my huge "pervert" sign I had installed. I am hoping one day, with remedial lessons, he might catch on.

So now I have a ball of deflated latex and scrunched up streamers and tape, a bunch of empty bottles and the scattered dreams and aspirations of an adult birthday party. It is kinda bittersweet to sit here eating the last piece of birthday cake, picking candle wax out of my teeth,  and wondering about the coming year ....


I thought Hallmark was supposed to be taking pictures during moments like this?

I could even hum a really sad tune and there is a dead bunny by the creek we could plump up so it looked cute in the grass ... I may just have to fight the crows for it.

Be right back.

SKIN:  [Hush] Chloe Skin - Ravish
HAIR:  ""D!VA "" Hair "Layla"
EYES:  IKON  Perspective Eyes - Coffee from The Liaison Collaborative
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
EARRINGS:  Chop Zuey Cheri Amour WG/D Earrings
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails - Spring Peach
MOUTH CANDY:  adoness: candy fair 2013: gift
TOP:  Coquet. Cowl Neck Sweater Pink
LEGGINGS:  Coquet. Floral Leggings Peonies
SHOES:  [Gos] Boutique - Paris Peeptoe - Metallics
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