Friday, October 4, 2013

I Have A Headache. None of You Are Safe.


I have a splitting headache so I would appreciate it if you could read this really quietly. I am typing with sound proof fingers on padded keyboards and I have some guy standing with his fingers in my ear while his friend is applying a cold compress to my pounding temples.


I have no idea who either of them are but they heard me screaming and showed up 2 hours ago.

The neighbours are away and their dogs have been barking non stop for 6 hours straight. I am not sure why they have not used the torture technique of 5 small dogs barking endlessly to break prisoners. I know after the 4th hour I started confessing things even I had forgotten about. I would have made up things to confess if I thought it might mean the dogs would stop.

I like dogs .... but mostly when their mouths are not opening and closing repeatedly with stacatto barking like sounds coming out of them. I just learned that about myself today.

I had no idea my dog liking had limits.

It does.

We had a neighbour once who had a dog they had taken the vocal chords out of or something and the dog whisper barked all day and I thought that was really cruel but now I realize that was one of the best darn neighbours we ever had. I am making a card for him right now, and drawing cute little pics of quiet bunnies and sending it to him. It is going to say:

Roses are Red
Blah blah blah blah
something something sorry
good neighbour, rhyme rhyme rhyme

I will work on it and jazz it up when I stop seeing double everything.

Right now someone is in the kitchen removing the knives and they want me to go have a warm bath.

I don't think they realize I have crawled out the bathroom window before, or that you can make a toilet roll holder into a shank.

Someone will have to come in with me.

It is the only way to insure the dogs live to see 6:00.

SKIN:   AKERUKA Twiggy skin
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Dark
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
BROWS:   .LXB. . Striking Brows Black
NAILS:  **Feel** FlowerPink&GoldNail
EARRINGS:  FuLo  - Baroque Earrings
OUTFIT:  Elysium  ICCDI - Wippys choice - Flamingo

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