Monday, October 21, 2013

Is The Fat Lady Singing?

SL FAshion

How reasonable are we being?


If you buy a skin for $800, recognizing some are more expensive and some are less, and then have to buy several different make-ups, have to buy  hands and feet and  special shoes and nails to fit those hands and feet, and breasts and an ass, and now lips ... we have taken the cost of a skin that used to be complete with the one purchase (our $800)  to thousands and thousands of Lindens.


The economy is tanking all over the world.  Second Life's numbers are diminishing and I am not sure how people are going to survive if instead of responding in an intelligent manner, bringing prices down, offering more value for dollar, we are acting like everyone just won the lottery.


While some of the new advancements are great and the talent behind them is probably genius (I am not a designer and they all look like geniuses to me)is it possible for fashion to put itself right out of business by widely adopting these as the new standard??


Will new people be willing to come in here, see their crappy avatar, look at the others who have been here forever, and then consider the learning curve AND the cost to get everything they need to even have a chance to play the game on the same level as everyone else?


I remember coming in and realizing the "you can play without needing money" was a crock.  I bought a skin and it did not make me like the rest of you.  Then I realized I had to also buy the shape.  Then came the shock that if I wanted different make-ups, it meant buying more skins.  Then it was the hair had to be quality, I needed better eyes, lashes, and of course, a decent AO.  I have money and still the amount I had to slap down to play a game was pretty daunting.  I have continued to spend a small fortune on SL each month, telling myself that well, it is my "hobby."  I know many people who do not have that luxury and my fear is, with all of these new expensive attachments, we are pounding in the final nails of a quickly closing coffin, on Second Life Fashion.


And it is not that you buy ONE pair of hands and you are good to go, there are several styles, several eyes, several lashes, several feet, different teeth, different lips, breasts, ass, and dozens upon dozens of make-up and we are not even at clothes and accessories.


Every time I open a skin there are so many peripheral items I am not even sure what they all are and what I need to keep and what I am supposed to do with them.


I don't have any answers here, it is just a question I ask myself as each new item comes out.  The fashion world feeds itself.  Designers share items, models and bloggers have some access to new items, friends work together, but we can't sustain this industry without customers and the regular players taking part.  There have been so many blows to Second Life in the last little while, I guess I am just not sure why we are doing something to ourselves that seems to undermine the sustainability of the whole virtual fashion world.
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