Monday, October 21, 2013

It is Really Hot Here.


We went to a caravan show on the weekend.


For the non Australians, think campers and trailers with some deviations due to climate etc. We are still shopping for the big sojourn across Australia next year but I must say that people here take their shopping very seriously. I think there must have been some kind of competition with huge awards or something. Clearly I missed it on the way in. I just paid my money, picked up my bag for the 10 million brochures we would pick up and walked on by the little donut stand.

It was a lovely day and we moved from trailer caravan to caravan and waited our turn to have a peek inside, sometimes stepping right in and sometimes just looking from the doorway. Even the biggest ones, lets be serious, take like anything from a nanosecond to maybe one minute to see what there is to see and move on. There were not big deviations ... you walk up to one, you wait for the people in there, and then you look and then you get out of the way of the people waiting to get in. Seems simple right? And like really a minute or two wait time for you to see what is basically the same as the last 300 you just saw but maybe with green curtains instead of red.

And then you have the people who think they are the only ones there and who got the missing memo about their being some kind of big prize for being a complete asshole.  They clearly think that no-one is more important than them and while they can complain about everyone else doing A-B-C . . . no-one can complain about them.

Then there is the lady who walked right in front of me, blocked me from going around her either side, and then turned and elbowed me hard as she announced to her husband that I was not more important than her and SHE wanted to get into the trailer . . . even after her husband meekly told her that I was actually with the man who was already IN the trailer.

She snorted at me and plowed on in.

Ya .. that woman is dead.
They just found bits of her sunbrella ripped to shreds and scattered on the hot dusty ground next to some broken corn chips.
It was a hot day and I am not as Canadian as I once was.
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