Saturday, October 5, 2013

It Just Gets Better.


I have to say that sometimes the most entertaining part of my day is reading the stuff that goes straight to my junk mail.


Slut-finders cares deeply about me. They need me to know there are sluts in my neighbourhood and they are just waiting for me to contact them.

I have never thought about contacting a slut before.

I am not sure what kind of gifts one takes to visit a slut.

I am curious as to where they are living in the neighbourhood just because well ... I have my suspicions.

I try to imagine looking to log onto cool social apps so you can meet friends and just bypassing them all for "Slut-Finders."

Right now there is a no cost easy access to a large number of people in my area who just want to F**k. I never think about those things ... the needs of my neighbours ... in that regard but evidently there are a large number of them.

I find that strangely disturbing and have difficulty looking out at the neighbours mowing their lawns and looking so normal and all, now that I know most of them are sluts.


I think I have probably led a very sheltered life or something.

I tried to tell one of them that kept hounding me with emails,  that while I would love to describe my penis, I did not have one and that she could probably tell that, and save herself some time and disappointment by looking at the picture next to my name when she sent the emails and noting I AM A WOMAN.

But then I realized these days, women do have penises.

And then I got a headache again and the dogs are not even barking yet.

I am afraid to wave at any of the neighbours now for fear they might think it is foreplay.

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