Friday, October 18, 2013

My Ass is Damn Tired.

Do you know that if you like walk into the middle of a street in Real Life and stand like this ...people either look at you like you are mental or they take it as a personal challenge to try and run over you?
We live a pretty isolated life in here in SL.  In here you can walk around with duck lips ... they haven't been invented yet, but I am pretty sure they will be coming soon to a store near you for only $1000 L and probably be packaged with an artificial ass so you can kiss your own ass with your new duck lips. 
You can do that in here and people applaud you. Well, they applaud some of you, and at least they ignore the rest of us.  We are allowed to be asses in here without much recrimination.  In fact we are encouraged to buy extra asses.  How cool is that??
Real life is not like that.  I think they should put warnings on things in here to prepare us so that we don't go out there and try these things in RL and end up hurt ....
 . . . applying ice packs to the tire marks over my ass . . .
SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma [:ME:] Ashley Peach
HAIR:  ::Exile:: Stay the Night: Dark Reds
EYES:  MayFly  Myrtal Green
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
JEWELLERY:  Chop Zuey  Crux Invictus
RING:  Indy&Co.: Chablis Antique Rings-Silver Peach
NAILS:  Izzie's - Gradient Nails
PURSE:  Beetlebones ::BB:: Hearts Sling Pouch PASTEL
TOP: Mirror's Enigma  [:ME:] Ashley's Blouse (Gypsy)
SKIRT: Mirror's Enigma  [:ME:] Ashley's Maxi Skirt (Gypsy)
POSES:  Juxtapose
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