Monday, October 7, 2013

One More Day.


One day they will have a Harvard Study for the phenomenom of balloon blowing. I think it damages brain cells.


There is no other explanation for why we stand in front of the balloon bins and select 500 bins and talk about renting the helium machine or getting a pump and the family always says, "Oh heck, there are like so many of us, if we each do a few, watching TV tonight, they will be done in no time." and the mom always smiles and pats them on the head and pays for the balloons.

And then you get home and it is TV time and suddenly no-one knows how to blow them up, or they can't tie them, or they suddenly have something to do, or they are sick, or they don't like THAT TV show and there you sit, all alone, with 500 balloons to blow up and tie, on your own.

And then the next day you have to get someone to cut up your food on account of your fingers are so blistered you can't hold the straw to your mouth that you have to drink your blendered dinner and birthday cake through because you suddenly developed a latex alergy, your lips are swollen up to cover your nose and the muscles in your cheeks are so sore that you have lost all sucking power and someone has to put your liquid food in a bag and squeeze it in for you.

And we fall for it everytime.


Hubby said there is one other explanation that discounts the balloons destroying brain cells theory.

He handed me the Einstein quote on insanity.

I am going to let it slide today on account of it is his birthday.

He gets to live one more day.

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